25 Amazing Web Tools Online College Students Can’t Live Without

It’s almost time for back to school, and that means that students all over the country are getting ready to head to college. Whether you are getting an accredited online degree, or going on campus, you can get help with your study, and find plenty of tools to help you complete assignments. There are even web tools to help you save money and have a little fun.

The best part about using web tools as a college student is that it doesn’t have to be costly. You don’t need a scholarship to afford these tools. Many of them are free, or available at a low cost. So, no matter your needs, get ready; these web tools can help you succeed as a college student:

Scheduling, Reminders and Calendar Tools

Manage your class schedule with help from these great tools. You can integrate appointments, assignment due dates, and more with the help of these great scheduling and calendar apps.

  1. Remember the Milk: This app is about more than just remembering the milk. You can schedule plenty of other items and get reminders for completing our assignments.
  2. ZOHO Planner: Use this planner to get a bead on what you need for school. You can create to-do lists, manage your schedule and even add notes to your calendar.
  3. Google Calendar: You can use this calendar in conjunction with your email account. Access your schedule from anywhere. Keep track of when assignments are due, and keep class schedule reminders.
  4. Soshiku: Use this app to keep up with college assignments, and with other classwork. Integrate your schedule with your assignments. Perfect for the busy college student.
  5. CalendarApp: Online web app meant to help you keep your schedule straight. Assignments, appointments and study group meetings. All in one place.

Note Taking and Study Aids

If you want great web tools for taking notes in class, and help studying, these apps can be quite useful. Clipping tools, note organizers and other web tools will help you keep everything straight, and provide you a point of reference for later assignments and study sessions.

  1. Evernote: This is the note taking app. You can capture your ideas, take notes in class, and augment what you have saved with your thoughts. Perfect for future reference and putting together a study guide.
  2. Cornell Method PDF Generator: Use this great tool to create note taking pages that can guide you using the Cornell Method. Perfect for helping you take notes and retain the information you learn.
  3. Notesake: Create, organize and store your lecture notes using the Internet. A great web tool for students who like to re-arrange their notes and use them for effective study.
  4. Clipmarks: Use this clipping tool to save what is interesting to you. You can share your clips with others, and and you can also use it as a reference for when you are ready to study later.
  5. Notefish: A great app that helps you organize your notes. Add your own notes, or save web content to your notes to help you study. You can also drag and drop and your notes to better organize them in a way that works for you.

Reference, Assignments Completion, and Collaboration Tools

Use these web tools to help you complete assignments. Reference tools can help you find what you are looking for — and properly cite it. You can get help with formatting your assignments, as well as use great tools to collaborate with other students on group projects.

  1. Google Scholar: You can use Google Scholar to find peer-reviewed sources for your research papers. A great tool for looking things up, and finding solid information for your use in assignments.
  2. OttoBib: Get help putting together your bibliography. You can get help putting one using various styles, so that it works with almost any assignment. Perfect for your reference page.
  3. Flowchart: Real time collaboration with members of your group. Especially helpful when doing group projects with other online students. Perfect for flowchart assignments as well.
  4. Encalc: This is a free online scientific calculator. It’s perfect for completing science and math assignments. No need for a fancy and expensive handheld calculator when you can do what you need to with this web tool.
  5. Stixy: Collaborate using this great web tool. Helps connect to others in your group, and engage in file sharing.
  6. Merriam-Webster: Use this dictionary and thesaurus to help you with your writing assignments. Also includes a medical dictionary and a Spanish-English mode.

Saving Money

You can get access to some great money saving tools, perfect for your college budget. Use the following web tools to spend less and save more. Use your money for other things — like having fun.

  1. BookFinder: Find the best prices on your school books — online or off. Perfect for saving money on your school books.
  2. Bookmooch: Swap books with others. Trade your books for points, and you can get free books from others with your points.
  3. GasBuddy: Use this web tool to find the cheapest gas. You can get directions to the nearest cheap gas station, and save money on transportation costs.
  4. Groupon: Great group deals on various items and entertainment opportunities. You can also use sites like LivingSocial to find good group deals.
  5. Skype: This calling tool can make it possible for you to make phone calls for cheap — right from your computer, laptop or tablet. A great money saver.

Having Fun

College isn’t just about the serious stuff. You want to have fun, too. Here are some great web tools that can help you kick back a little, and have a little bit of fun.

  1. Last.fm: Put together a playlist of your favorite songs. Make a list and find out what you’ve been listening to from any player. Share with your friends. Recommends new music and concerts.
  2. Meebo: Connect your social media accounts and your IM accounts and manage them with ease.
  3. Rate My Professors: Share insights about your professors, and learn about other teachers. This way, you know exactly which classes to take — and from whom.
  4. FreeRice.com: Test and improve your knowledge, and provide rice for hungry people in developing nations. A fun way to spend a couple hours.
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on Aug 11, 2011

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