7 Twitter Users Every Guidance Counselor Should Follow

Twitter is the informational source du jour and can help keep just about anyone updated on just about anything. Even guidance counselors can turn to Twitter for their work. These are 7 Twitter users every guidance counsellor should follow.

College Prowler

The College Prowler is a Twitter account can help any guidance counsellor to stay updated on what’s going on with colleges. And it does so with a personal perspective. This Twitter feed prides itself on providing reviews of colleges from the attending students themselves.


Maps4college is a Twitter account that provides regular Tweets on many topics related to college applications. You will learn about how to complete the perfect college application essay and to avoid student loan data theft. A number of topics of vital importance to those considering higher education are presented here. Any guidance counselor could pick up some helpful information here that is just dying to be passed on.


CollegeBlogs is a Twitter account that offers up information on useful topics such as ways to win scholarships, how to find good yet obscure colleges, and all you ever wanted to know about college waiting lists. And this account will also point you to other Twitterers who also have insight into the college counseling experience. This is the mark of a Twitterer who is really trying to help. They don’t mind sending you somewhere else if you can find help there too.


Nytimescollege is another Twitter account that addresses the thoughts that are likely to be foremost on aspiring college students’ minds. Its short and intriguing Tweets are merely portals to more in-depth information on relevant topics like term papers and rejection letters. These links flesh out topics in such a way that you will learn all you need to know.


CollegeChat is a Twitter account dedicated to all topics that come up before, during, and after college. You can learn about how to choose the best school for both yourself and your financial means as well as how to get off wait lists and how to write resumes. This is the place to turn to learn more about the entire college journey including how to enter the real world when it’s over.


Nyteducation is the ideal Twitter account for keeping up on all things college. You can learn about colleges, universities, teachers, tuition, scholarships, financial aid, loans, and everything else that weighs on the college application experience. Anyone looking to be as well-versed as possible on both colleges and universities and on the college application process will surely want to turn to this Twitter feed. Guidance counselors who want to keep up with the latest information about colleges simply must check in with this Twitter account on a regular basis. There will always be something worthwhile here.


College_Success is a Twitter account dedicated to helping those who need financial aid assistance. In this way, guidance counselors can gain access to new and valuable resources to help guide students to the scholarships and other forms of financial assistance that they need. This account gives tips on how to secure sufficient financial aid packages as well as notifications of available scholarships. Beyond this, articles are provided on why a college education is so important and who will benefit from it the most.

These are 7 Twitter users that every guidance counselor should follow. They routinely provide indispensable information on how to get into colleges and on the whole college search and application process. They help to keep guidance counselors in touch with the latest tips, techniques, and information that will surely help those they guide in ways that cannot be measured.

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on Apr 14, 2010

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